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Welcome to our Website Captain’s Villa!

We cooperate with many different companies from the Tourism Industry.
Thus, we have a very nice collection of holiday specials that fit your needs.

The most common questions you find below and
of course,  our answer are right there as well.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.
We are happy to help.

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How long does the booking process take?

The booking process depends on the touristic partner.
Some have links to their website where you can make instant bookings.
Other partners offer request bookings. Usually they answer on the same day.
Private Owners who rent out their home might need some more time to answer because they serve you in their spare time.
Please check the calender of the property you would like to book before requesting your certain period.
Of course, they all happy to help you with any questions you might have

What methods of payment accepted?

Our Partners accept different kinds of payment which they either show on their website to which you will be forwarded to or i is shown in deht listing already.
Please feel free to ask if there are any uncertainties

Who will issue the invoice?

All our Partners have the obligation to issue an invoice to you. Depending on their tax status, some include VAT (value added tax) and and some do not. This depends on the taxation law of the country where the property
is located. Some countries exempt private persons and small companies from having to charge VAT.
If you need to know the details for example if you are travelling for business reasons, please ask the property owners for details before you make reservations.

Can I use more than one payment method to pay for a reservation?

Touristic companies usually accept an array of payment methods. Some accept credit cards just to secure the booking and then,
you pay cash or by credit card once you are at the property you booked.
Some ask for a prepayment of about 25% of the total right away by either making a wire transfer or by charging your credit card.
Then, there will be a second prepayment.
Some charge a third prepayment before arrival others charge the third payment when handing out the keys.
Please check the payment details which are given on each listing page by the property owners.

Why do I have to Log In to make a reservation?

You can always contact the host or us without loggin in.
When you want to make a request or if you want to book immediately, please register first.
We want to make sure that all Users of our website
are satisfied.
By filing a registration we know that we are dealing with a real person and thus, avoid spam mails to to all.
We respect your privacy and use your data only to fullfill your request.

Booking Questions

Can I make changes to a pending reservation request?

As long as you have not received a booking confirmation, yo umight want to make changes immediately.
Please get in touch with the host or the agent right away to avoid extra work which is not necessary any more.

How do I cancel a reservation request?

Once you are sure about wanting to cancel a reservation request, please get in touch with the host or the agent immediately.

If your resevation has been confirmed already and you have made a prepayment, make sure to kindly ask for the  prepayment. Depending on when you cancel your reservation, cancellation fees might apply.

Please check your rental agreement for further details and get back to your host in case of questions.

Can I make a reservation and somebody else of my group will pay?

If you are travelling in a group of people make sure that everyone knows about his share of costs. Usually one person makes a reservation and pays.
If you want to use Wire transfer it might be ok for the host if he or she will receive partial payments

How do I find my reservation?

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When am I charged for a reservation?

After having received the booking confirmation a prepayment of about 25% of the
total applies.
Please refer to your rental agreement about a second
prepayment and the final payment.

Help on your reservations

What happens if my host cancels my reservation?

Please get in touch with the host to find out why your reservations has been cancelled. Maybe it is a missunderstanding. Sometimes pamyents through wire transfer do not arrive as expected.
If a host decided to cancel so he or she can stay at his or her  holiday home,
he or she has to find another appropriate home for you or has to refund the total amount.
Please refer to the rental agreement with regard to cancellation.

Why do I have to pay a security deposit?

Usually securtiy deposits are paid when renting a home. Most times it is paid in cash when receiving the key to the property.
When checking out, please make sure that the securitydesposit is returned to you unless there are some damages which happen once in a while. In this case, please write down which items broke and take pictures of them. Have this note signed by the owner or agent who rents out the holiday home.
If the security deposit will be transferred by wire transfer, please make sure that you receive a receipt about the security deposit which si due. So, you have a proof just in case there should be any problems.

What should I do if I want to change reservation dates?

It happens sometimes that personal plans change, thus rental dates need to be changed, too.
Please get in touch with your host in order to find out if a date change is possible. If you want to extend your stay there might be already other guests booked on certain dates. If you want to shorten your stay, the host might ask for compensation.
Please refer to your rental agreement in which date changes should be explained.

Should I book if I have not heard back from the host?

Most hosts answer right away or at least within 24 hours.
If you want you can write one more time and kindly ask for an answert.
Some hosts handle requests and bookings in their spare time, so it might take longer than expected.
If you do not receive an answer on your second try, it might be good to chose another home just to have a choice.

What if more people want to join our group of guests?

Holiday homes have a maximum capacity which might be extended according to local law.
Please contact the host to find out if extra beds can be prepared. Most hosts have some in stock.
Additional costs for this service as well as extra linen sheets and towels might apply.

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