Terms of Use

Terms of Use – Private Users

The terms and conditions for using the platform www.captains-villa.com (platform), which is operated by Sunshine Solutions GmbH in Düsseldorf, Germany, (sunsol), apply to subpages and sections of the platform as well as attached websites, including images, maps and graphics.
By using the platform, the user agrees to the following terms of use.

General information

The platform provides offers and information on the subject of travel, and in particular tourist accommodation by/on the sea, lake or river – from accommodation/boat owners directly, via agencies or tour operators – as well as other tourist service providers (including tour operators, car, boat, boat mooring/berth/buoy rental companies, marinas, travel insurers) (all providers). It is possible to contact the respective providers, send booking inquiries or book directly. Our data protection provisions, which you can access at any time on the platform, are taken into account.

Use of the platform

The platform is intended for use by both private users who are of legal age and business users, for whom separate terms of use apply. These can be requested at any time. These terms of use apply exclusively to private individuals.

The platform may only be used for the purpose of searching for and retrieving information and offers from the providers as well as for enquiring about and booking the offers posted by the providers.

For this purpose, content may be printed and passed on for private use. Modification of content or publication for personal purposes is prohibited.

The resale of images, graphics, texts – including excerpts – and sitemaps is expressly prohibited. Reference is also made to the section on copyright and trademark law.

The user is responsible for his/her actions, in particular for bookings made, booking requests or contacts. The applicable terms and conditions can be found in the respective offer for which the respective provider is responsible.

The user confirms that he/she has provided all information to the best of his/her knowledge and belief. If third party data is entered, the user has the permission of the third party to do so. The same applies to the sending of recommendations to third parties.

The user must expressly refrain from technical measures that would enable the automatic reading and processing of data, texts and visual representations (photos, videos, maps) on the platform. The same applies to changing, blocking, deleting and copying data and images.

Any kind of exploitation of content and databases available on the platform is not permitted.

Intentionally impairing or overloading the technical infrastructure by uploading or sending software to the platform, is prohibited.

User access may be prohibited or blocked at any time without prior notice.

Links to other websites

We are neither responsible for the content of external websites to which we link from the platform nor their data protection policy, as these sites are not under our control.

Copyright and trademark law

The content of the platform is protected by copyright and trademark law. Sunsol – as operator of the platform and mediator of certain, appropriately marked offers – the partner companies and private owners of vacation properties are entitled to use the content, unless there are separate notes that exclude this.

Reproduction, distribution or processing by electronic systems without the written permission of Sunsol and its partner companies is prohibited in any form. The only exception is an explicit note to the contrary.

“Captain’s Villa” is a registered trademark of Sunshine Solutions GmbH and may only be used by Sunshine Solutions GmbH unless a license agreement has been concluded. The exclusion of the use of “Captain’s Villa” also expressly applies to URLs.

The same applies to the trademarks and copyrights of partner companies used on the platform. All brand names and trademarks mentioned or shown on this platform are subject without restriction to the provisions of the applicable trademark law and, where applicable, the ownership rights of the respective registered owners.

In the event of non-compliance, the prompt removal of the illegal use and, if there is a risk of repetition, a declaration to cease and desist is essential.
Claims for compensation can be asserted.


The platform represents a non-binding offer of information. Despite taking the greatest possible care in compiling all the information contained on the platform, sunsol accepts no liability for its topicality, accuracy or completeness. This also applies to the information and offers provided by providers as well as all links and indirect references to other websites for whose content sunsol is not responsible.

Sunsol cannot be held liable for any damages or consequential damages of any kind arising from the direct or indirect use of the information contained on the platform. Sunsol reserves the right to make changes to the information presented without prior notice.

All offers are subject to change and are non-binding.

There is no entitlement to constant availability of the platform. Non-availability does not justify any claims for compensation by the user.


The information, offers and other services may be changed or deleted by sunsol without prior notice. The same applies to these terms of use.

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