We are focusing on the most attractive touristic regions within Europe for your convenience. You do not have to seach for a long time to find great offers. There are so many websites on the internet which all offer an unknown number of vacation rentals, hotels and all kinds of tours. In constrast, we have pre-selected the most attractive places to give you a great overview of what is there to be discovered.

To make it easier, we have a unique selection of places to stay at or close to the ocean, lake or river with gorgeous views or other special features. We do not offer milions of possibilities – we rather have handpicked places for a perfect vacation with regard to your needs and expectations.

There are three major countries which are very trending due to several reasons.


This lovely country has been one of the most famous tourist destination within Europe for decades. On one hand vacation stays in Spain usually have a great price-value-relationship. There are larger hotels and resort offering stays at reasonable prices but there are also accomodation businesses that offer individual services at the highest standards worldwide. All kinds of accomodatons can be found whereas the focus is on hotels even thought the number of vactional rentals has been increasing very much.

There are all kinds of possibilities for sports activities such as golf, sailing, biking and whatever you can think of. Shopping & Dining are offered in all price categories whereas the quality of places has increased very much within the last years. Fine dining is no exception anymore.

Especially the Balearic Island have improved very much as can guest statistics can tell. This summer seaseom 2023 has been one of the most succesful ones. Cultural highlights, fine dining, sports on one hand and safty, high standards in health and environmental issues on the other hand – thus very good infrastructure overall – are attracting more and more interantional guests from around the world. While the largest group of guests are still from the UK and Germany, the number of American tourist has been increasing due to direct flights from New York three times a week for the second season now. Due to the great success direct flights seem to be in planning from Miami to Palma de Mallorca (PMI).

For handicapped guests it is important to know that the Balearic Island offer great infrastructure according to their needs. Walkways are easy to use without any obstacles in the way and without holes or bumps. Beaches can be easily accessed. Some beaches or part of them are equipped with machines and staff to help handicapped guests to go swimming in the ocean. There is the obligation for hotels to have ramp for wheel chairs to access the hotel. At traffic lights there are special tiles so the blind know that they have to cross the street. In addition, there are sounds to notice that the light has turned green. In comparission to other touristic destination at the Mediterranean Sea this really specail.

Public Transporation is available at low fares and good service. Caps are ecofriendly and are powered by battery. So, overall the Balearic Islands have ben continuously working on improving their infstrastructure, service to the visitors and saving the environment in order to reach a higher level in quality for their guests.

The Canary Island can be a very good alternative especially during winter season. The climate is almost year round nearly the same. Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are rather calm island with great almost untouched nature whereas Tenerife and Gran Canary have much more infrastructure, thus more cities and towns, more hotels and more shopping opportunities etc. These two large island are also have more inhabitants than the smaller islands to which also La Gomera belongs.

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You find all kinds of accomodation types within all categories at all price levels in an unspoiled surrounding with nice sandy beaches throuout Spain. On the Balearic Islands dining and shopping is available at low cost but also at high end. There are great bars and discoteques. Several marinas enlighten the heart of watersport fans as well as the greens touch the golfer’s hearts. Cultural highlights such as the old town of Palma de Mallorca orEivissa are to be discovered. The handicapped can enjoy their stay as everyone else does getting anywhere withou a hassle on the Balearic Islands as well as on the Canary Islands. Water sports and great beaches are available on nearly all islands located in the Atlantic Ocean. Fine Dining & Shopping can be found rather on the two larger island, thus on Gran Canary and Tenerife.

Please see our offers in Spain


Blue Ocean, very clean water, nice islands, unspoiled nature and great food are the reasons why people come to Croatia besides the fact of Croatia having many tourist sites accredided by the UNESCO. Cultural sites as well as natural highlights are acknowleged by this Commity. Several spots have been used for filming scenes for Winnetou and Games of Throne such as the Krka Nationpark and cities of Split and Dubrovnik.

Croatia is still a secret spot about which not too many people know even though the number of visitors has been constantly increasing for years now. Nevertheless there are still many areas nice and calm and they seem to be undiscovered. Croatia only has about 4 mio inhabitants living in an areai of about 56.000 square kilometers (sqm) but a very long coastline of about 2.000 km and about 1.000 islands. Just to have an idea about the density of the population. The Netherland have a size of about 34.000 sqm but 17,5 Mio. inhabitants.

Thus, guests who prefer tranquil areas will be very much satisfied in Croatia unless very famous tourist sites are avoided in July and August when it might become very crowed now at famous UNESCO sites such as the old town of Split, Trogir and Dubrovnik. Of course there are always options to hide from busy tourist sites. Many visitors rent a boat or yacht and just enjoy a cruise along the beautiful coastline of Dalmatia or within the Kornati National Park with its unique little island. Those guests who prefer to stay on the coastline can enjoy some really nice swimming and snorkeling. Please note that most beaches are of pebble which might sound a little uncomfortable in the first place but this ensures great snorkeling for those who love it. And many people say that it is excellent not carry around all the sand in shoes or bags.

Croatia offers a very great variety of vacation rentals – if not the greatest variety with regard to quantity and quality at the Mediteranean Sea. The market is highly competitive which results in lower rates in comparison to other regions at the Mediteranean Sea. On the island of Majorca (Spain, Balearic Islands) the rates are generally much higher than in Croatia. Many vacation rentals with accredited 4 stars or more are new or have been built not too long ago. The criteria to receive a categorization of 5 stars is much higher as in other countries. Therefore, guests can expect a high level of housing in an attractive unspoiled surrounding for a fair price.

Due to its long coastline and many island, Croatia is the perfect spot for all who love yachting and/or boating. There are many destinations for daily boat rides but also for longer journeys along the coastline. The marinas are professionally run and fulfill all expectations. Some guests bring their own boat and many do rent a yacht for a cruise.

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Those who prefer high quality of living in a natural surrounding will appreciate a stay in Croatia where all kinds of watersports but also historical sites can be enjoyed. In touristic areas the standard of service is great whereas in other areas it is rather slow motion but people are nice and friendly. Some say Croatia is like Italy in the 1960s.

Please check out our offers in Croatia

Many people have heard about Germany but usually rather not about Germany as a destination for vacation stays or tours.
So, still somehow underestimated some people seem to have discovered this country because of its great variety of fields in which one could be interested such as art, literature, architecture, music, soccer – just to name some.
Of ourse the castle of Neuschwanstein is very famous as well as cities as Berlin, Hamburg or Munich but there is so much more to explore.

There is a strong focus on hotels of all kinds in metropolitan areas whereas the number of vacation rentals has been increasing much. The standards are average to high in cities but can sometimes be rather average – in general. In the areas of World famous touristic highlights there are of course also accomodations of higher levels.

Depending on the region within Germany people might seem rather distanced than open minded but usually they cheer up once involved in a nice talk. Food, Wine and Beer are very tasty but especially food might differ to what people are used. In the southern parts pork is one major part of a menu whereas in the nothern parts fish is be prefered.

Besides cultural highlights there are also many national parks to be discovered. The North Sea as well as the Baltic Sea are great regions within Germany for vacations by the sea but also lakes and rivers in all other parts of the country are waiting to be discovered.

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