On the Trails of Winnetou

Follow in the footsteps of Winnetou! Our luxury vacation home, Captain’s Villa Seadream, is located in the village of Sevid, which belongs to the municipality of Marina in Dalmatia. Ideally located by the sea, it is possible to visit several film locations that served for the filming of Winnetou within the framework of day trips. Especially the Krka National Park as well as Trogir are among the most popular filming locations, as our guests report. Discover for yourself with family and friends …

the Krka National Park, which is located near the attractive town of Sibenik and can be reached by car in about 1 hour in a northerly direction. Equally in several Winnetou movies find this filming location again. Among them are:

Winnetou Part 1, Among Vultures, The Oil Prince, Winnetou and Shatterhand in the Valley of the Dead.

Heading south to the UNESCO-designated town of Trogir, it takes about 40 minutes by car along the road that runs directly along the sea from our vacation home. The views of the deep blue sea during the drive are truly breathtaking. Various parking lots are located directly at the edge of the old town and are highly recommended, even if they are chargeable. From there, a path leads over a wooden bridge directly into the old town. Alternatively, you can walk through the small food market and take the path over the stone bridge. No matter which way is chosen, both ways lead into the heart of the beautiful old town, which has already been renovated in large parts.

The ride through the narrow streets in Winnetou Part 3 is said to have taken place here and the town hall served as a backdrop. It is worthwhile to simply drift through the old town. In addition to smaller shops, there are also numerous cafes and restaurants. If you cross the old town completely, you will come out on the other side directly at the sea. Here, too, there are nice cafes and restaurants to linger in. At the end of this seaside promenade is the fortress “Kamerlengo”.

Further south is the attractive city of Split, the largest city in the region, whose suburbs are said to be home to other Winnetou filming locations. In Solin, but also in Stobrec and Trilj, as well as in Omis (Radmanove mlinice) to the south, there are to be

Winnetou Part 2 and Part 3, The Oil Prince, Old Shurehand Part 1, Winnetou and his friend Old Firehand

have been filmed. True Winnetou experts will surely be able to determine this quickly.

Returning exhausted from a day trip, the Captain’s Villa Seadream offers the ideal opportunity to cool down quickly in the pool or in the air-conditioned house – especially in the rather warm summer months – and on the other hand, the tranquility is the ideal balance to a rowdy day.

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